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Pentecostal Academic Research

In 2011, I took a year out from pastoral ministry and enrolled on a Master's programme at Regents Theological College, working for an MA in Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies. This involved my undertaking four modules that examined various distinctives of Pentecostal doctrine and praxis, followed by a dissertation. This website allows access to the five research papers that resulted from this period of personal and spiritual reflection. When I graduated in November 2012, I received my MA with distinction, I was also awarded the Siegfried Schatzmann prize for academic excellence at postgraduate level.

Together with my wife and children, I spent ten years working as a missionary in Zimbabwe and Mozambique with Elim International Missions. Since completing my studies, we have been pioneering a new Elim congregation in the Gloucestershire village of Churchdown.

We maintain a separate website for our church plant in Churchdown.

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